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About Us

About Us



The artisan process requires a specific knowledge, caring or philosophy and is most often carried out by hand.



Local food is fresher, tastes better and is likely more nutritious and supports your seasonal needs.

* Supports sustainable agriculture



In its natural state and has not
been processed.

+ Gluten free options, Cassava
and more

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Sumaq stems from the Quechua language that originates from indigenous areas of South America. Reflections of these rich cultural areas can be seen throughout the cafe space, but more specifically in the menu. Guests can expect to see a variety of craft coffees, artisanal pastries, and picture-worthy sandwiches with uniquely significant names. Each menu item is made in-house from scratch using fresh, low-processed quality ingredients.

Guests have the option to enjoy both an indoor and outdoor patio experience making it a great space for those working remotely or catching up with friends.

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6259 South Boulevard
Charlotte, NC


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